“Sooner she’s dead, the better”…

This is a list of some of those many persons wrongly informed, from even before Sherman Stonor 6th Baron Camoys’ murder (9 March 1976), of "Julia’s madness, insanity, dottiness”. The threatening rumour was, verbatim, “She is insane, mad, bad. The sooner she is dead and buried the better". Warming to the theme, the person defaming her continued, “Julia is quite dotty and could be dangerous…she must not be invited”.


  1. H.R.H. The Infanta Maria Cristina of Spain. Princess Maria Cristina de Borbon. Godmother.

  2. H.R.H The Duke of Gloucester

  3. Anne, Duchess of Norfolk

  4. The Late Miles, Duke of Norfolk

  5. The Earl of Gowrie

  6. Sandra Gowrie (ex-wife)

  7. The Earl of Antrim. (Johnny)

  8. The Lord Sudley

  9. The Lord Arram

  10. The Earl Peel (Cousin William) Lord Chamburlain

  11. Captain Nick Brown USN(Retr); Mrs Diane Brown

  12. Mrs John R. Drexel 3rd – Aunt – Cousins.

  13. Mr John R. Drexel 3rd – Uncle Deceased

  14. Mrs. Eileen Gilles pie-Slowcum. Cousin Deceased.

  15. Mr. John Slocum – “Jerry” cousin.

  16. Mrs. Margie Slocum Quin. Cousin.

  17. The late The Hon Claud Phillimore

  18. The Lord Phillimore of Coppid Hall.

  19. Doctor Salmon – Henley-on-Thames GP.

  20. Nicholas Coleridge. Owner Happers Queen.

  21. Charles Bellord. Catholic lawyer @ Witham Weld

  22. The Weld Family of Lulworth. Cousins.

  23. Canon Brockie, Westminster Catadredal.

  24. The late MunsignorAlfred Gilbey. Cousin.

  25. The following ambassadors of Austria, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, USA.

  26. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’connor. Westminster Cathedral.

  27. The Lady Sidmouth

  28. Father Norman Brown

  29. Dr. Christopher Nourse. Deceased Tutor.

  30. Archbishop Vincent Nichols. Westminster.

  31. The probost of the London Oratory. Father Harrison.

  32. Father Ronnie Crichton. Jobe.

  33. Viscount and Viscountess Esher. Late.

  34. Sir Simon Towneley. Cousin

  35. “Plum” and Elia Warner. Late.

  36. Father Michael Hollings, M.C.. Cousin

  37. Richard Cohen. Ghost Writer.

  38. Sir Michael Jay. British Ambassador.

  39. Don Phillip Jebb, O.S.B. Downside

  40. The Hornyoold Strickerand Family. Cousins.

  41. Lady (Delia) Pilcher. Deceased.

  42. Benjie and Julia Bonas. Cousins.

  43. Julian Cotterel. Relative by marriage.

  44. Nigel Stourton, C.B.E. . Cousin.

  45. Daphne Dormer. Cousin.

  46. Andrew Nurnberg. Publisher

  47. Mrs. Emma Poe

  48. Sir Anthony Acland. British Ambassador.

  49. Julian Bevan.

  50. H.R..H. Prince William of Gloucester. Deceased, 1st date of Julia’s, 1957.

  51. Dame Jean Mxweld-Scott. Deceased.

  52. The English Chapter of the Knights of Malta; and in Rome at the Sacrarota Court.

  53. Doctor Jack Kempton. Deceased.

  54. Tristan Morenes y Falc.

  55. The Count of Torre Diaz. Uncle. Canon Alfonzo de Ziilueta. Deceased.

  56. Father Alexander Shorbrooke. Cousin.

  57. Doctor Pym.

  58. Esmé Howard. Cousin.

  59. Sir Simon Bowes-Lyon.

  60. Simon Barnard. Cousin.

  61. Monsignor Ralph Brown. Judge @ Westminster.

  62. Conrad Aitken. Agent.

  63. Sir Peter and Lady Petrie. Diplomats.

  64. The Thames Valley Police Forces @ Henley Nettlebed, Oxon and Reading, Berkshire.

  65. The Police and C.I.D. @ Scotland Yard and Fulham Broadway.

  66. The Berkeleys of Berkeley Castle. Cousins.

  67. The Duke of Wellington. Deceased.

  68. Lady Helen Dashwood. Deceased.

  69. Margaret , Duchess of Argyll

  70. Angel and Edwards. Family Lawyers. Newport and Providence, Rhode Island.

  71. C. Aitren. Book Agent.

  72. Graham Greene . Deceased.

  73. Nicholas Scheetz. Newport, Rhode Island.

  74. Win-Commander Michael Constable Maxwell, D.F.C., Deceased. Cousin.

  75. The Hon James Stourton. CEO Sotheby´s, Auctioneers. Cousin.

  76. The Lord (Peter) Carrington, Knight of the Garter. Formerly of Christies Auctioneers.

  77. Sir Ewen and Lady Forgusson. British Ambassadors.

  78. The Hon Edwina Duncan-Sandys

  79. Mark Girouard. Historian.

  80. Cardinals @ The Vatican.

  81. Colonel Henry Stilwell

  82. Viscountess Sophie Ashbrooke. Cousin

  83. Richard Ovey. Farmer.

  84. General The Lord and Lady Guthrie

  85. Lady Monica Eyre

  86. Lady Celestria Noel

  87. Don Anthony Sutch, OSB.

  88. Jimmy Burns, R.C: Historian, Journaist.

  89. Lord and Lady Mark Fitzz Alan

  90. H.I.H. Fra Mathew Festin, Knights of Malta. Cousin.

  91. His Majesty, the late King Birendra of Nepal.

  92. Colonel Charles Pepys. Uncle.

  93. Lowis B. McCagg. Cousin.

  94. Sir Peter Wakefiled. Ambassador. Deceased.

  95. Richard Ogden, M.C., Deceased Shop Owner.

  96. Belinda Buckwall. Q.C.

  97. Ms. Catherine Pepinster. Editor Catholic Tablet Newspaper-Magazine.

  98. Lord Pattern of Barnes

  99. Senator Claiborne Pell. Newport, Rhode Island. Family Friend.

  100. Peter Egerton-Warburton. John D. Wood Estate Agent. Cousin.

  101. Geoffrey Munn Wartski

  102. Tiara Faberge. Shop Keeper. Family Friend.

  103. Baroness Howard de Walden.

  104. Lord and Lady Norrie.

  105. Madeleine Bunting. Journalist.

  106. Sebastian Shakespeare. Journalist

  107. Geoffrey Levy. Journalist

  108. Anne Sebba. Author. "Egnid Bagnold".

  109. Lisa Appigknesi. Director English Pen Club.

  110. Carole Seymour-Jones. Writer, in prison English Pen Commited.

  111. Anthony Mould. Antique Dealer. Family Friend.

  112. Anthony and Marietta Coleridge. CEO Christies Actioneers.

  113. Clarissa Piper-Evans. Family Friend. John Piper’s Daughter.

  114. Count and Countess Charles de Salis. Cousins.

  115. The Hon Lady de Zulueta. Cousin by marriage.

  116. The Lord (David) Windleshim. Deceased.

  117. Viscount and Viscountess Montgomery. Related by marriage.

  118. Mrs. Della Howard. Family Friend.

  119. Mrs Gerald Draper. Cousin by marriage.

  120. Colonel Sir "Joe" Weld, M.C. Deceased. Cousin. Executor to Sherman´s will. Lover of Jeanne.

  121. Anne Chilton. Director of Royal Society of Literature. Family Friend.

  122. Dr. Roderick Grant. Tonsil Expert. Once friend.

  123. Mrs. K. D’Ombrain Grant. Schoolmate.

  124. Sir John Guinness. P.C. Once family friend.

  125. Lord and Lady Christopher Tugendhat, P.C.

  126. David Rutherford. Wine Merchant. Once Family Friend.

  127. John Scrope. Stockboker. Cousin.

  128. R. Mc Dongall. Old Etonian. Once Friend.

  129. Marquesa Casilda Santa Cruz. Deceased. Family Friend. Spanish Ambassador.

  130. Lord Rothermere. Newspaper owner. Deceased. .

  131. Lord Duncan-Sandys. P.C. Son in Law of Sir Winston Churchill, Cabinet Minister. Deceased. Ex-Boyfriend of Jeanne

  132. Major Andrew Constable-Maxwell. M.C. and SOE. Cousin. Deceased.

  133. Maria Carmela Attolica Viscountess Hambieden. Once Family Friend.

  134. Penelope Marchidness of Zetland. Deceased.

  135. The Hon Sir Nicholas Soames. M.P. P.C. Deceased.

  136. Jamie Hamilton, The Duke of Abercorn. Friend.

  137. Lady Mary Mumford. Cousin

  138. Angela, Lady Antrim. Godmother. Deceased.

  139. Christopher Sykes. Author. Biographer.

  140. Lord and Lady "Bill" Mc. Alpine. Builders. Friends.

  141. The Hon Caroline Grenfell-Miezkownska. Friend.

  142. Elizabeth Grant-Goodey. Friend.

  143. Mr and Mrs. Charles Christie-Miller. Swyncumbe Farmers. Stonor Park neighbours.

  144. Father Charles Sinnickson. Anglican Pastor. Friend. Deceased.

  145. Phyllis Messenger. Country Poet. Nanny to Julia 1940. Widow of  Bill Hedgardener at "Stonor Park". Linving in Tied Cottage forced to wittness Sherman’s cooked will of 1974. Deceased.

  146. Murville, Meurices. Archbishop of Birmingham. Known as "Coco De Borndille". Deceased.

  147. Caterina Zanvier. Domestic.

  148. Trevor Mostyn. Author. Cousin.

  149. Lady George Bellew. Deceased.

  150. Douglas Bader. Deceased.

  151. Richard Todd. Actor. Former Employer of Julia. Boyfriend of Jeanne. Deceased.

  152. Clark Von Bulow.

  153. Ben Elwes. CEO Bunhams.

  154. Mark Elwes. Actor. Page on 14 July 1938 to Jeanne.

  155. Anne, lady Rathgreedan. Family friend. Justice of the peace. Deceased.

  156. Sir Evelyn Shuckburgh. P.C. British Ambassador and "Stonor" Neighbour. Deceased.

  157. Hugo Vickers. Biographer.

  158. Michael Bloch. Biographer.

  159. The Papañ Nuncio.

  160. The Earl of Airly. P.C. Former Lord Chamberlain.

  161. Juliet, Marchisness of Bristol.

  162. David Hicks. Deceased.

  163. Clars Von Bulow

  164. Paul Mollitor. Deceased. Murdered, Newport, RI.

  165. Mary-Rose Emerson.

  166. John Constable. Bridgeman

  167. Peter Maxwell. Bridgeman

  168. Lord Martin Nourse.

  169. HRH Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. Deceased. Devoted Royal Family Friend since 1953.

  170. Father Martin D’Arcy, S.J.. Deceased.

  171. Mr. Body. Administrator @ "Stonor Park".

  172. Margaret Voggenauer. Schoolmate.

  173. Cynthia, Duchess of St. Albans. Deceased.

  174. Father Julian Large. Oratorian.

  175. Mark Radcliffe, D.L. Cousin.

  176. Countess AngelikaSchuckmann. Family Friend.

  177. Philip Monica German-Ribon. Family.

  178. Bruno Schroeder. Banker

  179. Countess (Charmian) Von Mallincikrodt. Fellow Debutante 1956.

  180. Sir Gerard Kelly. Portrait painter. Deceased.

  181. Sir Malcom Sargent. Music conductor. Deceased. ex-lover of Jeanne.

  182. Douglas Clarke. Interior decorator. Deceased. Julia’s first employer.

  183. Lady Rachel Billington. Author. Cousin.

  184. Edward Shourton. Journalist. Cousin.

  185. Lady Deirdre Maxwell-Scott. Schoolmate.

  186. Bronwen, Viscountess Astor. Once family friend.

  187. Baroness Felicity Lane-Fox. Family firend. Deceased.

  188. Jack Eyston of Mapledurham. Farmer. Cousin.

  189. Davina, Countess of Stair.

  190. Cynthia Frances Lang. Banker.

  191. The Baring Family. Bankers.

  192. Lady Ashley Clarke Colman.

  193. The Rothschild Family. Bankers.

  194. Virginia Peake. Deceased.

  195. John Julius Norwich.

  196. Anne Kisolviny- Brown. Deceased. Military Historian. Cousin, Newport, RI.

  197. Hon John Joliffe. Author.

  198. Count Adam Zamonski. Historian.

  199. Andre Dzierzynski. Artist.

  200. Alice Hunsakor-Bird. Stonor Park Neighbour.

  201. Frances Lowell-Hunsaker.

  202. Norberto Capello. Italian Ambasador.

  203. Sir Simon Brand.

  204. Sir John Mortimer. Author. Family Friend.

  205. Chritina Patison.

  206. Don Raul Regis de Oliveria. Brazilian Ambassador Deceased.

  207. Dr. Alan Hartley. Deceased.

  208. Colonel Giy de Pass. Deceased.

  209. Lord John Hunt. RC secretary to the Cabinet. Deceased.

  210. Cardinal Basil Home.

  211. Sir Thomas Stockdale.

  212. Anne-Louise Srockdale. Deceased

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