“When problems peak, it’s time to speak…” So says Julia, and she’s all ears. An uncanny talent of Julia’s is her ability to see through the clutter, the red herrings, the smoke and mirrors, and get to the core of a problem like a precision laser. Anyone who’s spent even a few minutes with her will tell you that. Striking, too, is Julia’s empathy. When you share a problem with Julia, even one quite unlike anything from her own experience, you somehow get the feeling that she’s been there before, and that she’s with you, holding your hand and urging you on.

So, if you’re in need of some emotional re-upholstery, then share your problem, dilemma, query or quandary in the Comments box below, and let Julia, with her tireless years of work in prison aftercare, do what she does best. All we ask in return is that you make a voluntary donation to Julia, based on your own valuation of her advice. Your kindness alone could avert or at least postpone the grinding destitution that hangs over this kind, giving and very wronged woman.

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One Response to “THE AGONY LOUNGE”

  1. The Agony Lounge, what a wonderful name for a bar (and an exhibition, too!)….Speaking of which, I’ll be in the UK the week of 16/9; I am co-curating an exhibition at the Liverpool Biennial and of course will go. But I need to go London as well; would love to see you while there dearest Julia.

    All the Best,


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